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When you decide to improve CRM or initiate new customer-oriented programs, that impact the whole or part of the organization, I can help you master your change journey every step of the way to achieve your business goals.

Consider buying my newly released change management book: It’s OUR Customer – it helps you prioritize the right effort, make better decisions, and cultivate the collective mindset to accelerate the adoption of your new initiatives.

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I’m your trusted companion to help you navigate the many complexities and pay attention to the critical time points with the right efforts and involvement that is often ‘the make or break’ for so many programs to become a success.

I believe in knowledge sharing and joint efforts to optimize performance in working with CRM across the organization and develop business and customer programs that generate value.

In my leading roles of global developments, implementation, and ownership of CRM, focusing on change management, I have carried out numerous workshops for various business units and across commercial organizations.


Global customers I’m proud to have worked with and supported to succeed with CRM – mobilizing, implementing and anchoring new ways of working to tap into new opportunities and grow more business.



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