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I was interviewed by Neil Benson, in the Amazing Applications podcast, Customery, Australia

Neil wrote: Join me with Britt Damkjaer, a customer excellence and change management coach and the founder of bd relations in Copenhagen, Denmark as we discuss change management and business applications and other insights from her experience as a product owner and coach. I like how Britt is expanding our minds to thinking not just about our users, but also our end customers and the impact that our business applications are going to have on the customer experience, too.

Our discussion covers:
• The significance of the role of Product Owner in Business Development projects.
• Why Britt wrote her book, “It’s our customer”.
• Change management approach for Agile projects compared to organizations that are taking a waterfall approach to projects.
• The three biggest lessons that Britt conveys in the book from her 20 years of experience.
• The biggest mistakes that Britt has seen from a change management perspective.

The episode was published on Tuesday 26 April (1am AEST) / Monday 27th April 5pm CET

You can listen to the podcast in the player below. 

Get in shape for your business transformation

The more prepared you are before embarking on a transformation process, the better you’ll accomplish well-considered decision-making, and the more significant value you will gain by creating substantial customer and employee benefits along the way.

Whether you are a business leader, or a program manager, leading a transformation of strategic CRM or any significant customer programs, it’s worth refreshing your leader competencies and acknowledge that your approach influences the pace the employees adapt to new standards to attain expected achievements in the future.

  • Be conscious about your leadership, mindset, tone, and manner in which you communicate and listen to the employees to make them thrive with continuous change.
  • Don’t expect achievements if you don’t dedicate budget, resources, and capacity for the change, and prioritize removing possible barriers.
  • Allow time for reflection.

It will help you succeed with your business goals fast and with outstanding achievements!

The unique transformation framework in my newly released book ITS OUR CUSTOMER will provide you with expert knowledge, insights, and learnings to help you guide your employees through the process successfully.

Now, you are finally supported in making real change

To introduce new ways of working demands high employee involvement in establishing a unified commitment to adopt new methods or even new processes that secure increased customer engagement and deliveries.

Often the collective mindset is missing, and the ‘them’ and ‘us’ attitude between departments becomes a barrier overwhelming the achievement of joint responsibility of the customer experience.

‘It’s OUR customer’ helps you pay attention to critical phases of the transformation that are central to succeed with the change. The unique transformation framework and change journey model presented in the book are dispensable tools to strengthen you in guiding the employees through the transition to enhanced collaboration and navigating the multiple complexities to leverage the collective capacity and joint efforts to achieve new business goals for the benefit of the customers and the business.

I’ve consolidated 20 years of strategic and operational experience in global CRM and customer programs with what works and spotted why these programs fail to deliver. I have interviewed scientists in Neurology and Business Psychologists to fill the gaps with additional knowledge and expertise within their fields; and included exclusive insights from peers, executive leaders, and program managers for your benefit, and ultimately future success.